The historic walls of the event "Arena" offer a very special ambience for concerts, dance balls, theater, company and product presentations, trade fairs, markets, parties, etc.

Toilet facilities (barrier-free), buffet counter and kitchen. For catering purposes (combination-steamer, electric stove, refridgerators, dishwasher)

507 m2 (Number of persons depends on seating arrangement)

75 m2 additional in the loges on 2 balconies; seating 80 persons. 5 separate boxes on 2 levels with 6 seats and 1 box with 10 seats.
Feature:s padded, heated seating benches.
Terms & Conditions: accord. to written agreement.

Artists' Wardrobe
In the "Ostbastion" with showers and toilet on 2nd floor.

Rehearsal Room
62 m2 in the "Ostbastion" on 3rd floor.

Technical Equipment
Light-Design: Sound system + mixer console
Video Equipment (incl. large movie screen, 5 x 8 m)
By the hour: House techie, Maintenance man, Cleaning
Conditions: accord. to written agreement.

Event Management/ Entertainment
Our event specialists of BAVAMONT will organise everything you wil need for a successful event. They can provide snake dancers, a knights' tournament, music, special effects, or a grand fierwork - nothing is impossible. Simply tell us what you want, and we will come up with the ideas!

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