To the East of Reutte, the fortifications of Ehrenberg Castle and fortress ensemble appear majestical and strong above the town.

Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble
High above, the Schlosskopf Fortress dominates above the Ausserfern. Every traveller and hiker is impressed by the long, drawn-out sturdy walls that once served as bulwarks against attacks.

In the Middle Ages, the Ehrenberg Klause was hotly contested, since the most important trade route between the North and South passed through here. The massive walls suggest that in front of Ehrenberg Castle, canon rumblings and war crys often were to be heard.

Many lords and noblemen have experienced these environs, but one thing remains unchanged, the impressive landscape surrounding Ehrenberg still attracts visitors from far and wide. Nowadays, Ehrenberg is an indoor and outdoor
experience with an impressive historical background.

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