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From 09/01/2023 to 31/01/2023 are
the highline179 and the Ehrenberg castle ruins

from Monday till Wednesday
open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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from Thursday to Sunday
open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

From 5:00 pm the access to
the highline179 and the Ehrenberg castle ruins
are only with valid
LUMAGICA Ehrenberg ticket possible.


View with a Kick

One of the main stakeholders behind the record-breaking bridge is Armin Walch, a local architect and GM of the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg. In 1998/99, he already had the idea of connecting Ehrenberg Castle with Fort CLaudia across the gorge with a suspension bridge, while working on the restoration of the Schlosskopf Fortress.

In 2003 he for the first time presented his vision to the public. After much planning, exploration and conversations with partners from the region he finally found a private investor in 2012 who could be convinced of this mega-project.

Finally the vision could be turned into reality. And all of it began with a thin silk thread. With the help of a drone, it was flown from one side of the mountain to the other. Afterwards another steel cable was attached to the first one across the valley and successively thicker ones until a steel rope had been created. After that a wench was secured with which a thick supporting cable for the suspension bridge could be spanned from one side to the other. The statics of the entire bridge were dependent on the exact alignment of the four supporting cables.

After that, the assembly of the floor grates could be started. These form the 1.20 meter wide pedestrian path. A total of 120 floor elements were installed. These are, however, attached to the supporting ropes by 4.30 meter-long brackets which are mounted. Fortunately, the assembly team learned quickly and were been able to assemble a total of 16 floor grates per day. The closer the goal was within reach, the more eager the workers became.

As the last stage was successfully mastered, all the helpers were thrilled and happy. In addition to its own 70 tons of weight, the suspension bridge can now carry up to 500 persons at a time - and this also at wind speeds of up to 60 km/hr. The bridge stretches across at a dizzying height, directly above the federal road B179 - after which it is named.

"With its stately 406 meters in length, the highline179 can officially be named the world's longest pedestrian bridge in the Tibet style."

Since the end of 2014, the imposing steel construction has become part of the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg and, as such, a part of the Burgenwelt family. The short hike up to suspension bridge is rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view...

So, when do you dare the "view with a kick"?

Technical Data

Height of bridge: 114,60 Meters
Length of bridge: 406 Meters
Width of footpath: 1,20 Meters
Bridge held by: 4 supporting cables each 60 mm in diameter
Safety: 8 anchors in cliff each 17 meters deep in ground
Weight: 70 Tons
Load: max. 500 Persons
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