Standing in front of the mighty Ehrenberg Castle ensemble, your view spans 700 years of history in one moment.

The Ensemble
Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble consists of four different sites: Klause, Ehrenberg Castle, Schlosskopf Fortress and Fort Claudia.

The ancient walls connect the Middle Ages with the 21st century. In one period, often referred to as the "Interregnum" (1246-1273), the Duchy of Swabia crumbled in 1268. A real "race" for the Staufer legacy set in. Count Meinhard II of Tyrol, the stepfather of the last Hohenstaufer, Konradin, was able to acquire large areas of the present-day Ausserfern. He had Ehrenberg built to defend, and for the administration of, the new territory.

In 1296, the existence of Ehrenberg and a judicial court by the same name, had been documented. During the Thirty Years' War, an entire fortification belt was built around Ehrenberg. Ehrenberg became the most mighty fortress in the north of Tyrol. In 1782, Emperor Josef II ordered Ehrenberg to be closed down. The entire fortress ensemble was auctioned off. That which Was not sold, fell into decay.

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