Hotel-Gasthof Klause

Here the saying "sleeping under the bridge" takes on a whole new meaning.

One of the special features of our hotel is certainly its prime location. Nestled in the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg, it is only a stone's throw away from the historic Ehrenberg fortress ensemble and the world's longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the Tibet style highline179. At a dizzying height, just above our guesthouse, this imposing steel construction spans the valley and provides the "view with a kick".

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Salzstadl Restaurant

Courageous bridge-crossers, noble hikers and museum visitors all meet here for a break.

The ancient salt barn has made an arduous journey from Lermoos, some 20 km away, to the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg. Rebuilt to its original state, we have added our restaurant inside it, where we will spoil you with regional and international delicacies. A medieval dinner can be ordered as a knights' banquet for groups of 20 persons (by reservation only).

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Burgenwelt Ehrenberg 

Dive directly into the adventure - no detours

In addition to the Schlosskopf Fortress, the ruins of Ehrenberg, the Fort Claudia and the Klause, past centuries can be experienced in the museum "On the Knight's Trail". An exhibition on the "Last of the Wild Ones", the Lech River, complements the extensive offer as well as the "Zeitreise", the famous annual medieval spectacle, and the internationally-reknown record-breaking bridge "highline179".

Information about all the attractions in the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg and the region can be obtained directly next door in the new visitor center and shop.

For cyclists and hikers

Via Claudia Augusta

You can reach the Nature Park Region Reutte via the "Gateway to Tyrol" along the well-frequented traffic routes, but also the ancient Via Claudia Augusta. This Roman road leading from the Adriatic Sea and the plains of the Po to the Danube River, is experiencing a revival after 2,000 years. A section of the route takes you right through the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg.


The Lechweg offers a unique natural experience. The hiker accompanies the Lech River from his source near the Formarin Lake in neighboring Vorarlberg to the Lechfall in Füssen in the Allgäu. Although the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg is not located directly on the Lech River, but it is integrated as a Lech "ribbon" on the long-distance hiking trail.

Getting there

If you wanted to pass the former Klause customs station, you had to pay a toll. Today there is no charge, even right up to the "gates" of our hotel-inn. And best of all, we are easily reached by tourists and adventurers from all directions. Easy travel directions - with our overview map, the route directions and being able to calculate your travel route ...

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