Schlosskopf Fortress

The Fortress at the Schlosskopf (1741) - The youngest and at the same time most important of all the complex, is the Schlosskopf Fortress.

The History
The reconquest of Ehrenberg from the Schlosskopf began in 1703. But it was not until 1733 that fortifications were built, which was completed in 1741 according to the latest military knowledge.

The mighty fortress lasted only 41 years - it had never gained any importance. In 1782, like all the other buildings, it was abandoned and slowly decayed. The imposing remains still leave the visitor with the feeling that it was impregnable.

As part of the Burgenwelt Ehrenberg, the "Schaufestung Schlosskopf" with its guard oriel, Baroque impeller crane and observation tower has been staged since 2008, and offers another attractive insight into the architecture and defensive engineering of the time.

You can reach the castle via a comfortable hiking trail, which leads families with children on the hunt for the "legendary Schlosskopf treasure".

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