Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble

An historic ensemble paired with the most modern technology

The Ehrenberg castle ruins are the centerpiece of one of the most important fortress complexes in Central Europe. Above it towers the Baroque Schlosskopf Fortress. And below, the Ehrenberger Klause defensively obstructs the valley. East of the federal road B179, Fort Claudia completes the fortification system.

In the past, Ehrenberg was once a mighty defense facility, administrative seat and customs station. Today, the four fortifications are known as the "Burgenwelt (Castle World) Ehrenberg".

Every year the "Burgenwelt Ehrenberg" attracts thousands of visitors. An over 400m-long pedestrian suspension bridge spanns the valley at a dizzying altitude. An experiential museum and a nature exhibition bring visitors closer to the history of the area and its surrounding nature. For events of all kinds, the various historic rooms offer a more than worthy setting. A restaurant and hotel round off the possibilities to visit.

An attraction for young and old, open and welcoming - all year round!

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